RE Investment Club(REIC) by SANVEL Ventures
Vision Statement 
To create short term and long term investment for small and medium investors which ensures asset protection and above average return.

Mission Statement

  • To form investment fund with suitable legal structure

  • Allow domestic and International investors

  • To form multiple groups(like chit funds) for specific project.

  • Ability to transact equity interest among existing and new members.

  • Online transactions.


Strategic Plan

  • Buy land, Build Home, Rent it out, Hold for long term appreciation
  • Buy land, Build Home or Apartments, Sell as soon as possible.
  • Buy land, develop to make plots.

​Tactical Plan

  • Projects in tier 2 locations in Tamil Nadu
  • Coimbatore - Technology and Commercial jobs, short term.
  • Hosur - Industrial sector growth, High speculative, long term,
  • Salem - Slow growth, value investment.
  • Dharmapuri - New Bus Stand West.
  • Hill stations - Very long term investment appreciation.